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Royal Racing was borne out of necessity to provide apparel for riders who required MTB specific products. Ten years on and the company is continuing to develop equipment which sets the standard in downhill, free-ride, enduro and trail riding.

We pride ourselves on our heritage and history of designing exclusively for and serving the cycling market. It is a much over-used adage in our industry but the Royal programme truly is “by mountain bikers for mountain bikers.”

All our investors are mountain bikers, this pretty much says it all about our values and the reason we invested in Royal we’re not the biggest brand on the market but we’re experiencing great growth in difficult economic times. For sure we want to make a return on our investment but we’re product driven not margin driven and that’s what makes us different.

Royal is now distributed in over 30 countries.

Royal has its Global Headquarters in Swansea UK. This office handles Product development, sponsorship, Australasian, African and European sales and distribution.

Royal’s office in Denver Colorado USA handles all sales and distribution in the USA, Canada and South America.

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