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Domain Short

Want to ride in your favorite jeans but fed up denim’s lack of any technical feature other than the ability to make you perspire? Step forward the Domain short, 100% sublimated, waterproof polyester fabric with the look of denim.


  • Canopy 10/10 H/S Denim look polyester
  • 10,000 DPI waterproof and 10,000 MVP breathable
  • Suede trims
  • Kneepad friendly fit
  • Reinforced hems to prevent fraying
  • The option to run a belt or use the internal adjusters
  • Reinforced hems to prevent fraying

Fit Description

S/ M/ L/ XL/ XXL sizes with our AM/ FR fit. See our size guide for more details on our fit styles.

*This product is available only in North, Central and South America.

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