Round 1 UK Gravity Enduro Series 2015


Round 1 UK Gravity Enduro Series 2015 The first round of the UK Gravity Enduro Series kicked off at Triscombe in the south west of our fine isle last weekend. Building on the popularity of previous years Steve Parr and the crew put on a cracking race attracting everyone from first time racers to multiple ….
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Chris Akrigg’s Bread and Butter, Chris delivers another banger of a vid


Jackson, Soderstrom and Thelander hit up Woodward


This is Peaty Season 3 Episode 2


Follow Steve through the 2nd round of the DH WC in Cairns and the local Steel City DH race where theres beer on tap.

Ben Cruz and Co in the making of The Rise of Enduro


Kyle Warner, Ben Cruz, Mark Weir and Marco Osbourne show us what goes in to making a vid, RC cars, Bikes, Whoops and more bikes. Even Weir looking good on the recovery side, machine.

French Enduro Series RD1


This is Peaty Season 3 Episode 1


Well here we go again for another year of This is Peaty. Find out what the big man SP has been up to in the off season. Duals, Training, DH, Racing its never down time during winter in Sheffield.    

This is Peaty Season 3 Episode 1 Teaser is here


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