This is Peaty is back and just gets better every time


Chris Akrigg is back with another installment and never fails to deliver, amazing


The Don giving the SantaCruz Bronson a workout


Brook MacDonald Helibiking near Mt Cook New Zealand


This is Peaty Season 2 Trailer


So far today nothing has been more awesome than this, looking forward to the season to kick off with episode 1. Going to be a great year.


Wednesday ride in the Sliced and prototype Turbulence Short


Wednesday, snow line is a little low and I thought I would head up to see if the logging had finished like it was supposed to on the 1st March. Got up there and it hadn’t so had to improvise with my trail route. I rode in the new Turbulence short that arrived yesterday and ….
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Turbulence kit

Short ride with steep climbs in the full Tubulence gear and Membrane


So I didn’t get out yesterday, I woke up and my legs were like lead so got down to some designing. Woke up this morning and well my legs still ached but figured would get out there anyway seeing as its dry in Squamish right now. Got my old pedals fitted that I had kicking ….
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Turbulence Kit

Sunday Ride in the Turbulence Jersey, Esquire Shorts, Turbulence Gloves, Gilet, membrane 3/4 bib, DHAM Sock and Membrane base layer jersey


  After a busy 2 days last week I needed a catch up day to get the KM’s in. Managed to have a great ride until my pedal body went and fell off the axle at the worst possible place. It was 5 years old so not to angry about it. I decided to ride ….
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