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10 Questions With Kyleigh Stewart

Fresh off of Crankworx Whistler, we sit down with the fast and stylish Kyleigh Stewart.


Who is Kyleigh Stewart?

I am an 18-year-old mountain biker based out of Kamloops BC that spends the majority of my time doing party laps with friends or racing around the west coast of Canada and the US just focusing on having fun!



Where are you from and where do you live?

I was born in Kamloops and still live here now, with a surplus of great riding there isn’t much reason to leave.


Photo: Mark Mackay



What got you into MTB?

Mountain biking was always part of my family with my Dad racing XC and road while I was young, I found interest in the sport when I was little and it grew from BMX to MTB over the years. When I was 10 or 11 there was a toonie dual slalom race that I competed in at the local hill and that really got me interested in the racing and downhill potion of things.



What does a typical day look like for you?

During the summer I usually get out for a ride before it’s too hot and then head to work at the bike park where I coach or to my other job working in a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory store. Any other time of the year I usually balance university with riding bikes or skiing, my schedule is pretty flexible so I get to take advantage of the all-time fall time and spring trail conditions!


Photo: Matt Staggs


What’s been your worst crash/injury?

I’ve been super lucky with injuries throughout my life, the worst injury I’ve had was a broken hand and nose combo. I was only 11 and was hitting some dirt jumps with my family when I tried impressing everyone with a massive one footer resulting in me overshooting a jump and going over the bars.



Where’s your favorite place to ride?

I think Whistler is most peoples’ answer but the jump trails there just can’t be beaten! As far as tech or just all around fun singletrack the local spots like Sun Peaks and Harper Mountain keep me stoked.


Photo: Matt Staggs


Who’s your favorite rider?

Casey Brown. She seems to have it all figured out as far as being a professional mountain biker goes and it’s super inspiring for what I’d like to do in the future.



What do you do when you’re not riding?

Either working/studying or doing whatever I can to be in the mountains!


Photo: Matt Staggs


What aspect of your riding would you like to improve?

I think speed is always something I want to keep improving but at the moment I am really focusing on improving my bag of tricks and hitting bigger jumps.



If you were in charge of the sport, what one change would you make?

While I was at Crankworx I got to take part in the first women’s only jump jam/comp on the riverside dirt jumps and it was the best experience I have had in a long time! Everyone was progressing so fast because of the supportive environment and the fun vibe, we definitely need more of those events to push women’s riding to the next level!


Last but not least, check out the Matt Staggs video, Summer In The Loops: Kyleigh Stewart, as she takes him for a tour of her hometown to explore the endless possibilities of tacky dirt and big jumps.



Photos: @mattstaggsvisuals and @markmackayphoto

Enduro World Series Diary

Round 2 // Tasmania

The dry slick-rocks of Derby looked to promise ideal racing conditions, and less laundry than Rotorua. Come race day the skies opened up making for challenging conditions once again. There were some promising stages from Jesse early on sitting in 2nd on stage 2. Remi showed consistency and a 4th on stage 6. Florian steadily improved his results throughout the land to land is a respectable 5th on the day. Young Seb Claquin struggled and landed just outside the top 30. As a team we managed too spot in the team ranking! Showing our strength and consistency as a group. We appreciate your support and are proud of the days accomplishments. It’s still early in the season and we have room to improve.

We’re looking forward to the next two rounds in Madeira and Wicklow!

World Cup Downhill Diary

The first World Cup of the 2017 season graced the steep slopes above the French town of Lourdes and after the first berms were emptied of lush French dirt during the practice days race day arrived with expectation and heavy clouds. The Juniors and Women’s field lucked out, they were blessed with dry race runs and as the fastest 80 men began to drop it everything looked set for a real battle for the podium.

Then it rained, and boy did the heavens open! Lourdes was awash with water less than holy. After a few dryish runs for the first riders things got messy, high winds and savage rain made the once dry track a layer of grease and danger.

Our boys escaped the full force of the weather with Neko pushing hard to take away 7th and Adam coming in 36th after battling down the dampening track.

The weather may have played a part in the overall results but racing in the mountains will do this, we’re stoked all our guys are fit and healthy ready to hit Fort William with full force in June.

All our photos are courtesy of Boris Beyer

The Great Glen – The Hard Way

When searching for routes across Scotland, the mind wanders to the far north – the wild and untamed areas of Scotland. Yet there are also ways to navigate the Highlands, and of them all, The Great Glen Way is perhaps the most famous. Hoardes of tourists flock to the area, and many walkers choose to tackle the route, and so do cyclists too. Yet, the Great Glen way is designed for just that market – those seeking a milder “adventure”.

Truly, it is a remarkable Glen and the Great Glen Way is a fine example of shared trail spanning 73 miles from Inverness on the east coast through to Fort William on the west. Parts of the Way itself make for superb riding, yet what we wondered was could we take the Great Glen Way, add in a few kinks, twists and turns with the help of an OS map and get ourselves into some real terrain.

Former Crankworx Whip Off winner Neil Stewart and Brett Penfold joined us on this journey from the milder climes of Inverness on the east to the rugged, more unpredictable west coast and the town of Fort William.

“To find such amazing riding in an environment that was tough, yet quite accessible was pretty mind blowing. It was more the variety that shocked me – massive mountains, sculpted jump trails, and some amazing singletrack”
Neil Stewart

“As soon as we left the Great Glen Way we were into some pretty tasty terrain, and it made for long days, some of it hiking but the descents were awesome. Despite being on Munroes in our shelters drinking coffee to get warm, and experiencing every weather you can think of, this was what Scotland is all about to me” Brett Penfold

“It’s right on my door step really, but I’ve never spent a week riding across Scotland before. It’s not just the riding either, the deer, buzzards, massive lochs, bothies and being from England where land access is difficult, Scotland’s right to roam is the gateway to seeing places you’d never see otherwise. We couldn’t have done it without our guide though, Mark Clark took us to places that we just wouldn’t have known about and his dark sense of humour kept us going all day, and night, long!” Tommy Wilkinson, Photographer

With a few kinks, twists and turns we had managed to navigate along the Glen in 3 days. They were big days, and the contrasts of going from areas that were geared up for tourism then within an hour being up side-glens and heading up Munroes was quite something.

After arriving in Fort William, taking a quick detour ride up to the North Face of Ben Nevis and eventually enjoying a pint at the Ben Nevis Inn, we were able to reminisce on a ride that might not have taken us to our limits physically or mentally, but a ride that was truly sublime by the surprising nature of how accessible all of it was.

Maybe, just maybe, the best rides are right in front of noses.

You can download the music featured in this video here:

Mtn Tune – Trails and ways

Sjowgren – Seventeen

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